Plan, Save and Spend for what mattrs to you.

27 times - that's how many times more efficient your savings can impact your carbon footprint compared to your consumption. So yes, we all strive to reduce our impact by consuming more local, less meat, less water, changing our transportation habits, taking less cars, flying less. But why don't we ever look at our savings?

Everyone on this planet has a carbon footprint. Big or small, our common objective should be to reduce it. So we take measures. We change our habits, but what we often forget is that yes, we can buy and consume more sustainably but our money is also working. And what our money is doing, very few of us bother about. Yet, Nordea's sustainable finance team realized "moving your savings to sustainable funds can be 27 times more efficient in regard to improving your personal carbon footprint than eating less meat, using public transport, reduce water use, and flying less, combined."

Source: Nordea

You might be suspicious about this huge number, it's of course calculated based on statistics of Swedish habits but the point is, whether it's 25, 27 or even 30 times in your own country, the impact of our money is often forgotten about and it could help us get through this huge climate crisis that we are facing. So get your savings together, and let's fight climate change, by changing our consumption habits but also by ensuring our money is working towards the right future.

And btw, why wait?! Start right now by checking here how sustainable your bank really is!