Plan, Save and Spend for what mattrs to you.

Ever fill your wallet with a wad of notes on Monday morning only to find it empty by the end of the week? Or see a whopping credit card bill maybe? Where did all your money go? Trust us when we tell you, it’s often the little things…

1. Coffee

You, like us, may need that one cup of coffee to keep going. Only, you probably don’t stop with just one cup. Before you know it, you empty your wallet into Starbucks’ cash register. Maybe, you could make your own coffee and fill it into a thermal flask to carry with you. Even better, try to limit the amount of coffee you drink. The key to feeling less tired is to get a good night’s sleep, not go on a caffeine high!

2. Eating Out Regularly

Okay, we lied. You probably know this one :P Buying meals outside on a regular basis can get very expensive; you might still be splurging a lot more money on outside food than you realize. Start cooking and packing your own lunch in a stainless steel or a glass lunch box to take with you to college or work. It is not only cheaper, but healthier too! Also, it is more sustainable because you are contributing less to the disposable packaging industry.

3. Taking too many grocery store trips

Have you ever kept track of how many times you visit your local grocery store every week? The more trips you make to buy the things you need, the more likely you are to make a few impulse buys each time you’re there. Consider writing a shopping list for each week and making a single trip to buy everything you need. That limits the number of chances you have to buy things you don’t need!

4. Buying too many new clothes

Who doesn’t love to shop for clothes, right? But you can have too much of a good thing. Going overboard with clothes purchases means a messy, overflowing wardrobe and a drained wallet. Also, did you know that the fashion industry causes 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and is the world’s second largest polluter of local freshwater? Before you buy your next outfit, think about how much you’re actually going to use it. To create new looks with your existing wardrobe, get creative with how you mix and match pieces of different outfits. For the women, you can make your own accessories too! It’s cooler, and more sustainable! ;)

5. We spend too much on gifts

We’re pretty serious when we say this; the price of your gifts doesn’t determine their value! A meaningful gift presented to someone you love really needn’t cost $50. And let’s face it, we move on from new things very quickly in today’s times and hardly use anything for more than a couple of months. Don’t pay exorbitant prices for gifts of the latest toys to your children either! They have wild imaginations and can make peace and joy with literally anything you give them.

6. We forget to unplug our electric devices

You already know that leaving electric devices on when you’re not using them is a waste of electricity. But the next bit may be a surprise to you. Turning your devices off may not be enough. You also need to unplug your devices if you want to save electricity and cushion the blow on your wallet. Adding up all the times you forget to unplug, the extra money you pay may be quite a bit more than you anticipate. The planet doesn’t have inexhaustible sources of electric power either, so we really ought to be more careful about how much we’re using.

7. Holiday Shopping and Decor

Holiday season may be your favorite time of the year, and your good spirits often reflect in your extravagant home décor and holiday shopping. You may have too many cool things going on in your life to notice that you may be spending a tad too much on things that you’re not even going to use again after this season. Instead, channel those good spirits into your creative side and go the DIY route with your home décor. You can also help your wallet and the planet by trying to reuse some of your decorations the following year. And do your holiday shopping right after the holidays; you’ll be stumped at how much lower the prices are!

8. Entertainment and Outings

Taking trips to the cinema, pubs, concerts, restaurants, and more can get very expensive, especially if you’re a social butterfly who goes out often. Why not reduce the frequency of your outings and invite your friends home instead? You can bond over cooking, board games, movies, T.V. shows, and other activities; you can also encourage everyone to bring snacks to share. With a library membership, you can borrow movie DVDs for a low fee or even for free!

Bonus tip: If you are the owner of a pricey gym membership, consider cancelling it and start exercising outdoors instead! Getting some fresh air is just as important as toning those abs ;)

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