Plan, Save and Spend for what mattrs to you.

Travel, what a pleasant word to hear. Travel often involves pleasure, fun, and relaxation. Who’s never dreamed about its next trip while being at work surrounded by stress and deadlines?

The first step of making your dream come true is to choose where you would like to take some time off. But if the decision of the place is essential, your choice of transportation also matters.

Being sustainable is not just about changing your daily consumption habits, the goal is to reduce our impact on the planet by every move we make. That being said, traveling sustainably should become our main way of traveling.

Sustainable travel is about conscious choices. Every time you travel, you will always leave a footprint. The goal of traveling sustainably is to make choices that will have the least possible impact on the planet and on the population.

Besides changing our daily consumption habits such as taking the train over the plane, staying in locally-owned accommodation or participating in responsible wildlife tourism, we would like to present you with specific examples of traveling sustainably in Europe.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of green getaway you might want to look at. Let’s go through it!

Ever dreamed about visiting Switzerland while remaining sustainable?

Switzerland has launched a road for electric vehicles. The « grand electric road trip » goes over 1970km in some of the most stunning scenes of Switzerland. The itinerary is really well equipped as you will find 300 charging stations on your way. Electric vehicles have several environmental benefits compared to other types of cars.

This is an excellent opportunity to discover various landscapes such as the Alpine, the Montreux Riviera or the Jura. Their website also proposes green accommodation and green activities,  so that you can have the slightest impact on the planet.

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Is Visiting Germany on your to-do-list?

Experience the German way of life by using Flixtrain. Flixtrain is a train service marketed by Flixbus and who has currently four lines available.

As you know, taking the train is more sustainable than traveling by car or plane. Why choose Flixtrain over other companies? Flixtrain actually uses 100% renewable energy to ensure to make your ride as green as possible. The partner and electric supplier of Flixtrain is Greenpeace Energy, an independent energy cooperative that fights politically and technologically for the sustainable use of resources. Initiatives like that are what we need to make sustainability mainstream in our society and it’s also very cheap!

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The Belgian beer by bicycle itinerary is for bike lovers. Belgium is well known for its chocolate, its fries but mostly for its beers. The Belgian beer by bicycle gives you the opportunity to explore Belgium while enjoying some of the tastiest Belgian beers. The tour is self-guided which leaves you time to enjoy the gorgeous countryside as you’d like to. The route takes you to multiple places such as the Achelse Kluis abbey or the welcoming university town of Leuven. It’s a perfect way to combine discovery and sustainability.

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Are you more of a sea lover?

You could choose to sail to France or to England for your next holidays. Travel does not always imply cars, planes or trains. Have you ever considered traveling by sailboat? So many opportunities are available nowadays. Channel Fairview Sailing offers you to travel using wind power. This kind of transportation respects the water and the environment while you can enjoy a different perspective of the scenery. Depending on your sailing skills, you can rent a sailboat or have a guide with you for your trip.

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Are you a road trip lover? If yes Interrail is what you need to discover the most fascinating sites of Europe.

Interrail / Eurail is an eco-friendly alternative to traveling by plane or car. In other words, traveling with the Interrail pass is a more sustainable option than flying or driving.

Interrail is operating across Europe and allows you to visit various countries on your journey. Two kinds of passes actually exist, you can decide to visit multiple countries or you can choose to visit one country in depth. You need to be a resident of Europe to travel with Interrail. Your trips have a consequence on the environment, especially on Climate change, so considering the train instead of the plane is always a good way to reduce your impact!

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As you see many options are available to travel sustainably. Take a moment to think about your choices and their impact so you can make the choice that matches your values. Remember that your actions as an individual matter. Travel with the least impact but with the same amount of pleasure.

So where are you heading up next?